Black and Cream, a St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail

Everyone knows the Black and Tan, but the Black and Cream was invented by myself and my dear friend (then roommate) Denise, one sunny afternoon many years ago. We had one Guinness and one cream soda in the fridge and decided to combine the two. The result is this delightful drink, that has the ice-cream taste of a car bomb without the curdle. Also something you can sip like a lady instead of chugging like a frat boy.

Black and Cream

Equal parts Guinness and cream soda

Pizza Eggs

So I completely abandoned this blog once I started working full time, because as it turns out, working and wifing and taking care of a two year old is pretty time consuming. To say it’s been a bit of an adjustment is putting it mildly, and every day I manage to get dinner on the table – winning! – is a small victory. I have wanted to start writing again though, and what better way to dive back in that with a dish you can make, when truly desperate, in about 15 seconds.

Before you scoff, know that this is based on the eggs cooked in breadcrumbs recipe from the Zuni cookbook, but I’m telling you the sauce takes it to the next level.

Pizza Eggs

Olive oil
Breadcrumbs. Plain is fine, with herbs and parm is great.
If you’re not feeling lazy/exhausted, 1 clove garlic
1 egg per person
leftover pizza sauce (or some other red sauce)

Heat olive oil in pan (a tbsp or so per person). While it’s heating, toss in enough breadcrumbs to just soak up all the oil – salt them if they aren’t already salty. Grate in your clove of garlic (optional). Stir breadcrumbs until they just start to brown, then cook your eggs in them however you want; I usually scramble them. Remove to plate(s), put a spoon of pizza sauce on each egg, done.

With a piece of fruit on the side you don’t have to be ashamed to serve this, and if you have time to blanch a green vegetable you can even be proud.