Inspiration for the Brain-fried: Two Snacks and a Dessert.


Do you ever have one of those weeks where you feel burnt out, brain-fried, and instead of figuring out what to cook you prefer to lay in bed eating smashed avocado on toast and catching up on episodes of Project Runway?

So that’s me. I don’t feel too bad about it; after all, everything waxes and wanes. While I may have nothing to say, the rest of the internet remains gloriously alive with interesting and delicious-looking recipes. Here’s a few I’ve managed to whip up while I wait to perk back up.

Goat Cheese Ball with Sour Cherries and Pistachios

When I saw the gorgeous photo on 6 Bittersweets I knew I wanted to make this for last weekend, when we had friends over for dinner. This is one of those recipes with an absurdly good payoff – a snap to make, but delicious with a fantastic presentation. Also, for me it’s a balance of the fresh, somewhat exotic flavors I love combined with the food of my heritage (southern, waspy). I went the lazy route and made one big ball instead of a bunch of little ones, but one good tip I can give is to lightly coat your hands with oil before rolling the ball so the goat cheese won’t stick to your hands.

Cucumber, Yogurt, and Walnut Dip

The snacking continues with this yummy Persian dip I saw on The Spice Spoon, a blog I continuously come back to for inspiration. I make cucumber and yogurt raita to accompany dishes all the time, but the addition of walnuts adds a richness which is perfect for a dip. I threw some pistachios in just for fun, as I had some leftover from the dish above. Note: I took this lame picture of leftovers; the cucumber had lost its color so it looks a little muddy, but made fresh it’s green and lovely.

Tiramisu Cupcakes

Skipping straight to dessert! Shan is generally not a big fan of sweets, but he does love tiramisu so I make him one every year on his birthday. This year I decided to mix it up a little and make cupcakes, and who better to look to for festive inspiration than Martha Stewart. The spongy vanilla cake and espresso marsala syrup was delicious, but the best part was the mascarpone frosting – yum! The only thing I would change would be to poke holes in the cupcakes so the syrup would soak in a little better – which is probably in the directions anyway and I just missed it (I hope Zoeya’s critical reading skills turn out to be better than her mother’s).

Hmm, I’d say that’s enough to hold me over!

3 thoughts on “Inspiration for the Brain-fried: Two Snacks and a Dessert.

  1. Xiaolu/6Bittersweets says:

    Thanks for trying this out! I’m so glad you liked the goat cheese ball. When my boyfriend’s cousins made the appetizer which inspired my version, they just used a whole log. You should feel free to use whatever shape you want ;). Hope you have a great weekend/Halloween!

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