Welcome to my witchy kitchen! Here you will find lots of Pakistani food, lots of delicious yet unfussy meals, things that can easily be store-bought made from scratch out of preservative hatred and general snobbery, holiday dishes, party menus, and of course some witchy and fairytale recipes.

It’s partially a blog, because I do capture in time things we ate or recipes I tried, but also partially a site because this is my personal recipe book – I do (and plan to) edit past recipes as well as collect the recipes I cook again and again. I’m also working on a couple new sections, more about that later…

About me (in the kitchen). I didn’t really start learning to cook until I was out of school. Around that time a couple things happened: I met one of my best friends who is an amazing cook, and I was also told I was a bad cook – which was true, but also very mean! – so I have been motivated to learn by both inspiration and spite. The subsequent years have been filled with feverish internet research, reading cookbooks like they were novels, attempting to absorb the power of my foodie friends, and countless kitchen experiments. I am happy to say that I am now NOT a bad cook, and I am starting to really find my voice when it comes to food.

Unselfishly, cooking is about nourishing my family – which includes my husband and two little ones.

Selfishly, cooking is about confidence (and let’s be honest, a tiny bit of narcissism – who doesn’t love showing off a little?). I love the feeling of competence that now comes when planning a party, or making a weeknight family dinner, or even just chopping an onion.

Cooking is also about escape – I like nothing more than to tie on my apron, put on the music, light a candle, pour the wine, and set about enchanting my kitchen.

One thought on “About

  1. Janie says:

    Love reading about your cooking experiences.
    Katie and Ellie miss you and am so sorry to not have touched base earlier and meet Zoeya!

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