Wednesday Snack: Make Aheads


I don’t know about you, but I need a little something to get me through the week. Here’s a yummy little Wednesday round-up.

I’ve been trying to do a little extra cooking on the weekend to give us a jump start for the week. I’m not trying to spend my whole day Sunday in the kitchen and make entire meals that all we have to do is reheat. Just making a few components ahead of time that can help streamline lunch and dinner.

Pizza Dough

I made a batch last weekend, let it rise once, punched it down and just saved it right in the bowl in the fridge until Thursday. Thursday morning I left it out on the counter, then in the evening proceeded as usual to make pizza puttanesca. The hands-on time for pizza isn’t that much, but it’s hard to do on a week night because of the rising time. Making it ahead made for an easy dinner.


I’ve written about making hummus before, but this has become even more popular in our house as I’m making Zoeya’s lunch. It was really easy to whip up a batch on the weekend. Instead of in the crock pot, I simmered the dried chickpeas on the stove as I was cooking other things, and they really didn’t take as long to soften as I thought they would (maybe an hour, hour and a half).

The combination of the chickpeas and tahini makes a complete protein, and she loves it, so it’s a win all around. I’ve been making her hummus and cucumber wraps on tortillas, and I took the leftovers to my sisters to enjoy sprinkled with sumac and scooped up with toasted naan.

Chicken Stock

Last week Shan made tandoori chicken drumsticks, so like a good little housewifey I boiled the leftover bones, along with a bunch of veggie trimmings I’d been saving in the freezer (onion tops, ginger skins, broccoli stalks, the ends of green beans). I added water several times as it boiled off, and finally reduced and strained. I poured the stock into an ice cube tray, froze it, then popped them out into a freezer bag. Now in whatever I’m making this week (soups, curries, etc.) I can use a cube or two of homemade, low sodium, no preservative chicken stock.