New York Style Pizza | TMNT

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles feels very New York, from the living and travel beneath the streets, the garbage truck that shoots sewer lids (that’s a thing, right?), and the pizza. Oh, the pizza. 

New Yorkers are passionate about their pizza. As a Southern girl, I first became familiar at a summer camp, where another camper from up north described in saucy detail what made the perfect slice – foldable, chewy crust, and the perfect pizza sauce.

Researching it, I was delighted to discover a detailed article on Serious Eats by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt that describes how to go about making New York Pizza at Home. I’ve made homemade pizza dough frequently, but this is the first time I made it in a food processor – there’s something to it! It rapidly mixes the dough without letting it get overly oxidized which is apparently key. It’s a little extra clean-up, but it cuts way down on the elbow grease as my previous method calls for 10+ minutes of kneading.

The sauce is incredibly simple, just a little garlic and oregano, and then some onion and basil that you pull out after simmering. The cheese is also key – a block of dried mozzarella rather than fresh, full fat if possible. 

Again, another one of those recipes that’s simple in ingredients, but all about the technique. My pizzas turned out rustic (a nice way to say misshapen) but super tasty – I’ll be making more soon for “practice.”

New York Style Pizza

I followed this exactly, so I’ll just link you to the recipes.

The Pizza Lab: New York Style Pizza at Home (Or How I Became a Food Processor Convert)

New York Style Pizza

New York Style Pizza Sauce

Recipe for Fiction Kitchen Episode 40: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in which Carrie and Diana discuss the latest movie as well as the stuff from our childhood – pizza, ice cream kitties, pizza, sushi, more pizza!