Cooking up Mythic Meals with #FOODOFTHEGODS

June’s Fandom Foodies theme is larger than life! Join us in cooking divine dishes, immortal infusions, powerful potions, blessed banquets and cursed courses – it’s #FOODOFTHEGODS!

Cook food inspired by classic myths – Artemis’s Ambrosia, Lakshmi’s Laddoos, Tlaloc’s Tamales – or modern interpretations inspired by the likes of Wonder Woman, Thor, Death Note, American Gods, or Percy Jackson. Whatever godly grub you can summon, the power is yours!

How to participate

#FOODOFTHEGODS is open to anyone to share.

Create a recipe post (this can be on a blog, Tumblr, Instagram – anywhere you can type up a recipe with a photo) and share the link on the #FOODOFTHEGODS Link-Up below. Then share your creation on social media using the hashtag #FOODOFTHEGODS!

Note: The recipe post must be of your own creation (meaning don’t link-up to someone else’s recipe). If the food you made is an adaptation or variation from another source, make sure you give proper credit!


Check Fandom Foodies for upcoming themes, or to host your own!